today’s politics

I am not sure if it’s because i am getting older or getting more cynical  or a combination of both? This political season seems so much more different than any of the others i remember. The rhetoric seems more divisive that productive, more harsh than inviting, more deceptive than truthful.

Their words seem to bring out the inner most distrust in people for other people and for our government. It is as if our democracy is the enemy, anarchy is what they seem to prefer. “KEEP THE GOVERNMENT OUT OF MY LIFE” seems to be the clarion call. But is that really what they want? Who fixes our roads, collects our garbage, plows the snow, makes our streets safe as they can be, keeps our country as safe as we can be!

Take a moment and just imagine our country with out government……………….what did you see a government that is productive but struggling and fighting to better ourselves, or did you see a us without laws and regulations struggling to survive? We need organization and order to be a great country.

We do need to protest in the street when we perceive any injustice, that is our right! But it is not our right to destroy our society. We need to work to make our country and our government better for us all.

THOUGHTS…gun background checks

I’ve been thinking about the recent brouhaha over the presidents efforts to expand gun background checks. The first response from the opponents was to label this an effort to band guns(they are going to come and confiscate your guns!) NO! they are not.

My thoughts are this: #1) they should have a criminal background check. #2) those who wish to buy a weapon should take a test on proper operation and safety, both paper and gun range shooting …and pass!  #3)  they  should licence and register the weapon and renew that license every four years. #3) they should have the weapon safety checked every three years. #4) they should begin with small caliper only and test up every year to the larger caliper.

They may purchase and keep any weapon and however many they want as long as each weapon purchased goes through the four step process mentioned above.




Here we go again, will our politicians ever learn? ISIS!, an imminent threat to the US? Really? how is that, are their ships sailing to our shores, their aircraft laden with missiles screaming across the skies toward us? Are they marching on our borders invading our cities, destroying our museums?……..Do we need to send weapons to their adversaries to properly fight them, we have tried these things several times over and over again and it did not ever work! So then we need to send our troops to fight ? doesn’t that sound familiar? When the people we fight for do not care or want to fight for themselves we only bleed our own blood and spend our own treasure. We need to let them figure it out themselves! In Viet Nam we fought and bled for hills and valleys and ground to just walk away to another battle…….hey congress read our history we can not thump our chest and send our sons and daughters to HELL just to make you feel superior and macho!!



We really do need to improve our pre election politics. The campaign season never stops anymore. We are flooded daily with rhetoric on all sides how someone can change the country if he or she were at the helm. Our politicians spend their time in office not governing but running for their next election!   I am of the belief that we need to limit time and money they but into running for office and spend more time governing the country. I believe a two month period to campaign and a ceiling each candidate can spend campaigning …….PERIOD !


I have been thinking about the choices i’ve made in the course of my life. All my choices have been my own, i never had a parent to guide me, and those in school whose job it was to advise me were not capable of one on one advice.

The first choice i look at is whether to go on to college or the military in 1965 ? I chose the military, probably because of the military structure of my school and fearing the draft if my GPA would fall !

The second choice i look at is whether to stay in the military our separate from the service ? I chose to separate, because of the anti military  mood of the country of the late 60’s.

The third choice i look at is whether to leave a job i really liked or stay with it ? I chose to leave, because of a district manager who was unbearable to work with.

The fourth choice i look to is whether to return to the military or remain in an uncertain phase of my life ? I chose to return to the military, because of the stability it offered.

THAT choice I regret deeply, it did not work out as planned and , i believe, it led to the troubles our older son fell into that would lead to his passing from alcoholism.

Often  i wonder if i had made a different choice would my life be different now ? But i know we can not dwell on the “what if’s” of life. We must live in the present………so my choice is to be in the present and enjoy all the gifts i have !

thoughts……’none religious’

I just read where we are becoming a less religious country. Soon we will be a majority non religious society. My first thought was how can that be? When i thought about it i think i have an idea how that could be. Could it be more people are being to see i have, that the great religions of the world that once preached love an forgiveness have been taken over by the zealots. They believe their religion is being attacked and have transformed a religion of peace and love, benevolence into one of malevolence, vengeance and fear! For example when i took classes in my religion i was taught our God was peace and love He was a forgiving God!! Now we are being taught if we do not follow what some have translated His words to be He will punish! Maybe people are now turning away because they do not accept that vengeful God? I hope we soon return to our original teachings of a loving God!!!



The recent talks with Iran and it’s nuclear program set me to thinking. Is it not better trying to talk to an adversary to try to understand where the problems lay so all can understand fully the problems? Or is it better to just see your point of view as the proper solution and ignore the others? I believe if we always see one point as the correct one it ultimately leads to further problems immediately or down the road. We must be willing and able to always try to be compassionate before we raise the sword.