I came across this quote and immediately thought of a time in Vietnam when one choice changed my life …forever. ……Let me take you back to that night.

We worked in P.P.I.F. (Precision Processing  and Intelligence Facility)   mobile units that set up on flight-lines where needed. We took the Intel film directly from the  F4C Phantoms, as they came in from their missions. We processed and fed that Intel to the appropriate units in record time.

That night we were working frantically on a lot of film important for an upcoming operation. The ‘incoming’ sirens went off,  this was the warning that rockets were launched at us.

We had been working on this Intel for about a week and it’s importance was impressed on us by top command. So when the sirens sounded we took the time to insure the work was safe and secure before taking to our shelter.

After all the Intel was secure we rushed out of the units into the humid night. We were the midnight shift and as such we were few. So as we rushed to the sandbag bunkers, our unit had two, the noise of explosions and the drone of our generators filled the air.

As we rushed to the bunkers we, as a group, realized that we would all fit into one bunker. Rockets walked across the air base exploding as we all rushed into the… ‘right-hand bunker’.

We settled into silence with our knees up and our helmets buckled and listened to the noise. I was shaking and out of breath as i looked into the darkness to see my brothers. When suddenly an extraordinarily loud explosion shook the the bunker and lifted a cloud of dust around us.  My ears were shut down, i breathed in the dust as my hearing returned.

We all sat in silence when the explosions stopped and the ‘all clear’ was sounded we slowly crawled from our bunker. Then i realized that everyone was stopping as they cleared the bunker. When i cleared the bunker i saw why they stopped… i looked at the debris that remained of the …’left-hand bunker’.

We, as a group, had made a decision that certainly changed our lives…forever. To this day i look at this choice as one that saved my life.

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