President Trump made promises to his voters during the campaign. He fired up the passions of them. His rallies were loud and filled with rage. They were fervent in their belief in him, and those promises.

I believed then and i believe now he never believed he could win the presidency. As a showman he created a show to boost his public persona. He felt aroused by the passion and adulation these crowds heaped on him.

But now he is the President and those supporters want him to act on those promises. So let’s take a look at how he has handled some of these the promises to those passionate followers.


Probably the top promise that energized his voters most was…REPEL OBAMACARE 

Real change begins with immediately repealing and replacing the disaster known as Obamacare “….. Certainly he tried as quickly as he could, to do that. But it is a multilayered, complicated subject that needs more than 17 days to construct a bill that addresses this very complicated subject,  without hurting more citizens. The bill was pulled from the House floor before any vote. And now he just wants to move on!



” And if people don’t like it, we’ve got to have a country. Got to have a country. Countries in which immigration will be suspended  would include places like Syria and Libya. And we are going to stop the tens of thousands of people coming from Syria. ” …the policy he put in place as been judicially blocked twice.  And nothing since then. ( March 16th )



” We are going to build a great, great wall on our southern border.” and “have Mexico pay for it. “…the astronomical costs aside, will it actually do what he wants it do ? In my opinion it never will. And Mexico is never going to pay for it. A huge waste of time and money. But that is not a concern i do not dwell on because it will never get through a conservative Congress, or any Congress for that matter.


These are a few of his most popular campaign promises. and his recently proposed budget shows that some of his other promises are hollow as well. For example… my administration will promote clean air and water. ( He abolishes the GREAT LAKES RESTORATION INITIATIVE, seven states rely on this water to be clean. ) …  we will free the earth from the miseries of disease   ( He slashes 20% of the budget of  H.I.H. which does research on these diseases! …On and on it goes.

President Trump can say what he will , but it is what he does that will deflate or backup his…PROMISES, PROMISES




  1. I don’t believe Trump thought he would win either. In fact, as we got close to the day of the election it looks as if he was setting the stage to question the credibility of a Clinton win and to incite an armed insurrection. Either way, the Russians and their enablers in the GOP were and still are using our media and weaponized propaganda to subvert our democracy.


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