More and more, as the days go by, this administration is in the process of producing a new ‘TWILIGHT ZONE’ episode. They have been on ALL sides of most issues. There have been falsehoods after falsehoods as a steady diet.

And then we have the appointments to head cabinet posts who are antithetical to the mission of that cabinet.  *  in the EPA there is a document that states the conclusion of the agency that CO2 is the cause of climate change……..SECRETARY PRUITT ;  ‘NO, I DON’T BELIEVE THAT’ ….what ??

They are decimating our state department, the one agency we need for diplomatic correspondence perhaps to avoid unnecessary………WARS?   Secretary Tillerson is left out of important meetings.

They continue to promote CONSPIRACYS  everywhere. We are being told to be afraid, be very afraid of the OTHER !  Fear the cities, fear other religious beliefs,  on and on.

They want us to long for ‘ the good ole’ days ‘…… those days are over! In Buddhism it is taught that change is life , without change we do not grow.  Technology alone has eliminated many of the old manufacturing jobs, coal mining jobs, on and on. NO one has the magic beans to make those jobs sprout again. We are in that times future NOW

One last thing……. the current TRUMP-TWEET on the wiretapping  IF  found untrue, with all his other falsehoods in mind, he must be held accountable !   Already our allies are questioning what ‘ OUR COUNTRY ‘ says. ……is this  SANE ?



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